PBX Trading Services has a team with an extensive commercial and logistics knowledge so we can offer a full range of operational support for the import of our customers:

• Search of optimal provider for your specific product.
• Complete catalog of market demand for products.
• National and international distribution of products with a logistic team fully trained, always seeking support for the economy of our customers.
• Report step by step the process to advice customers and suppliers.
• Transit and logistic advice, to add value in our customer service.
• Monitoring production to meet delivery deadlines.
• Orientate providers about the documents creation and labeling of products to meet local legislation (Mexico and Brazil).


PBX Trading operates since 2010 in the textile sector as a sales representative (For customers who want to buy direct from the manufacturer) and distributor (For customers who wish to be the product already sold in Mexico) of large companies globally.

Paramount Group

One of the largest conglomerates in the textile sector in Latin America, founded in 1931 and operates in four business divisions: yarn for knitting industry point Stamens (owners Pingouin brand), Tops of fine wool, fabric cashmere fabrics and clothing.
Polyester division

It is a company of Wadia Group, one of the oldest and most influential groups in India with operations since 1736, it is the largest producer of PET chips textile grade polyester staple fiber with a wide range of products from 0.6 to 7.0 denier in various colors and glosses and including a variety of differentiated products and specialty.

It is the largest and most influential textile company in South Korea. Founded since 1950 is an integrated textile manufacturing empire, which covers from synthetic fibers such as acrylic, polyester filament, nylon and spandex, to acrylic yarns, polyester, cotton and blends up to woven fabrics and knitted.
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